About Us

Lake Country Growers CBD Hemp farm
More than just a farm
The hustle of farming is building up our children’s integrity and hard work ethic. From early morning chores to working until the sun goes down, we’re happy to see the family together creating precious memories, plants, and products!
Make yourself at home
Over here it’s all about Farming & Family! Embrace the new wave of the hemp industry with expert insights and crafted products. We want you to grow an artfully made life! 
Located in the heart of Lake Country, Wisconsin, we treat customers, collaborators, and hemp with love!

Dreamer & Visionary
Rebecca Ramage
Co-founder Lake Country Growers Rebecca Ramage
Rebecca grew up on a working farm in rural Iowa that was a demanding place every day. She feels grateful for learning life lessons of working hard and taking on new challenges.
The Ramage family loves hiking at Lapham Peak State Park near their home bringing their dog, Camo, out with them whenever they can. During the winter, they enjoy ice skating out on their homemade rink.
“When the farm bill passed, I knew that I wanted to get more involved. Hemp is great for the environment, people, and the economy. It gets people excited about agriculture again, including myself!” – Rebecca Ramage

Trailblazer & Numbers Wiz
Maureen Lawrenz
Building Lake Country Growers is a part of a lifetime of adventures so I can look back and smile at the amazing journey I had. I want to leave it all on the table and share wild stories with my grandchildren.
The Lawrenz family traded city life for country living. They’ve found peace and joy with their hands in the dirt. They’re trailblazing through the business venture of farming and producing quality driven CBD & hemp products.
After living in a diverse Milwaukee community, the Lawrenz family stands for equality and the value that cultural diversity brings to any community.
Behind every good WOMAN is a better MAN!
Benj Lawrenz musician carpenter hemp farmer dad of 4
Benj Lawrenz
Husband, Father, Musician, Woodworker, Theologian, Problem Solver, Creative Engineer
“The farm is a way for our family to come together to learn hard work, loyalty, friendship, sacrifice, commitment, and experience entrepreneurship first hand. I enjoy modeling the sweat and sacrifice of cultivating God’s creation with the ones I love.”
John Ramage echo technologist hemp farmer  father of 3
John Ramage

Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Health Care Provider, Youth Coach, Mechanic, Fisherman

"Being married to Rebecca has been the biggest adventure of my life. She has always carried the vision for our family. If she gets an idea in her head there is no stopping her. I consider myself a pretty lucky man. The farm is the next chapter in our exciting life together."