A Year in Review

A Year in Review

Rebecca Ramage on Jan 14th 2021

What was your fondest memory from 2020?

Maureen - Best memory for me was watching the helpers in the barn throughout the shucking process.

Rebecca - I loved reading the Milwaukee Magazine article. As I read it I had such a sense of pride and accomplishment. It's one thing to live through it but it's another to have an outside perspective on your journey.

Hemp Harvest 2020

Milwaukee Magazine September

What was one thing that made you proud this year?

Maureen - I'm really proud of our team's effort to have a successful year. I'm beyond grateful for our sales staff that managed the Farmer's Markets. Rebecca and I always had great confidence that our brand was being represented really well. It was so encouraging to have people on the team that was committed to the company's success and WANTED the business to be successful. I often stop in my day and shake my head in disbelief that we are so blessed to have an amazing sales team that are our biggest fans. It's remarkable and it's the "gas in the tank" that we need to keep plowing through the challenges of getting a new business off the ground.

Rebecca - There were many sleepless nights and uncertainty along the way that when I look back I feel like we made it, we survived. I'm just so proud of every day.

Farmers Market

How did the pandemic affect your business?

Maureen - I think we slayed our first year in business, especially during a pandemic. I'm really excited to have the experience we gained behind us to use to grow the business in 2021. We have sorted through a lot of challenges that are beyond helpful as we pave the way for 2021.

Rebecca - Covid kept us on our toes. With this being our first year of selling it was interesting how the pandemic helped shape many of our decisions. A great example of this was our farm parties. Which I LOVED! We were able to highlight the plants and the people all at the same time. Had it not been for the pandemic I'm not sure we would have thought of inviting our clients out to the farm.

Fall Farm Party

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