Rebecca Ramage on Jun 9th 2020

You are being influenced all the time. Look at the people around you and the media you consume. How are they impacting your outlook and your mood? We are in the middle of an unprecedented time in history. It's normal to want to keep up to date with what is happening in the media. But is the media influencing you in such a way that it's negatively affecting our your paradigm? Check out today’s video to learn how to qualify or moderate your influencers to improve your life and your situation!

The Future of Lake Country Growers

The lure of video games, Tik-Tok, and binge-watching Disney+ or Netflix is strong. As parents, it's not easy to monitor what our kids are consuming. One of our biggest goals with Lake Country Growers is to help our children break away from technology and get outside. It's not always easy but we know how important it is. Just like us our children are being influenced all the time.

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Thanks to Jessica Lane of Memory Lane Photography for the great new pics. Jessica is a mother of four and was intrigued by our FARMILY. As a busy mother she understands the struggles of modern day parenting. I'm sure it won't be long before Lang boys are showing up to help with hemp chores. Check out her work at