Rebecca Ramage on Jul 20th 2020

Having trouble getting everything done without losing your sanity? I get it! In the middle of a nationwide pandemic, it’s harder than ever to FOCUS. Accomplishing the basics can be a struggle so working in something like an exercise routine seems impossible. Binge-watching Netflix is a much easier option to choose! Yet, exercise is one of the only things in your life that you can’t outsource to someone else. Having a healthy body to support my lifestyle goals is one of my top priorities! I’ve learned some tricks for staying on track that I'm excited to share in today’s video.

With all this together time at home it's challenging!

It's Groundhog's day. You remember the Bill Murray movie where he relives the same day over and over? Outside of taking my morning Cucumber Melon CBD, I have no routine. It was fun at first. The kids are sleeping in. I'm working from home. We are crushing home projects. Everything was great but, little by little, I started losing my patience.



  1. 1. the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

The other night, my daughter came into my office and asked me a simple question. I snapped! At the moment, I was not thinking clearly. My patience was gone and I didn't reply kindly. Clearly, it was not a great parenting moment! This behavior was completely out of character for me and wasn't how I normally react. As I reflected on this negative reaction I had, I realized that exercise is a huge piece of my SANITY. My holistic approach to living was out of balance. I hadn't been dedicating time for myself to exercise and let off steam.

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Time to reset the goal!

I called on my workout accountability partner, Julie, to help me get back on track and she was the perfect person that I needed. It's hard trying to do it all from home; work, exercise, meal prep, relationships, and stay SANE. If you are like me, you might need to pick up the phone and ask a friend for help. Trust me, your whole family will thank you!